Monday, 21 November 2011

Thriller: A Cruel Picture

Thriller: A Cruel Picture (aka They Call Her One Eye) is a classic revenge exploitation film, once described as the first film to be banned in Sweden (a big claim indeed!). Thriller tells the story of a mute young woman who is forced into heroin addiction for which she has to work as a prostitute, and her revenge on the men responsible for her humiliation.

Starring the beautiful Christina Lindburg, this film has earned much notoriety over the years. During production real ammo was used and Lindburg was made to inject saline solution into herself for the drug use scenes. An actual corpse was also used in one scene to show the star being stabbed in the eye. The film was cut, cut and cut some more in an attempt to get it out to audiences. An X-rated version was also released (with a body double for the scenes) in an attempt to try and bring the punters in.

This is the sort of film that exploitation fans like myself dream about, blood, guns, beautiful women and a history as messed up as the film itself! A thoroughly enjoyable wild ride of a movie, and for completists out there, I recommend the limited edition DVD, which includes the movie uncut in all its gory details. You can also pick up the Vengeance edition which is more widely available, but doesn't contain as much violence as the LE. Pick up a copy today and see just what you were missing!

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