Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sleeping Beauty

This Auzzie film is a twisted tale, in a Kubrikian style, of a Sleeping Beauty who desperately attempts to navigate student life whilst doing everything she can to make some money on the side. Step forward for the opportunity to sleep whilst strangers pick you up, roll you about but never, never sleep with you.

Emily Browning is perfectly suited to the role, an upcoming actress with untarnished beauty who plays innocent as easily as she plays slutty. She seems to have sprung from relative obscurity with Lemony Snicket to Sucker Punch and I can only see bigger and better things from her in years to come.

I recommend this film to anyone wanting something a little less eye-candy and a little more intellectual. If I have one criticism, it is that the film's ending is a little flat and leaves you feeling that something was lacking, but overall, worth a look for anyone out there wanting a break from the gore and psychedelic craziness of their usual viewing!

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