Thursday, 3 November 2011

Someone's Knocking at the Door

"The most depraved film of the 21st century" the tag-line proclaims ... well, maybe not, but this is certainly a twisted little puppy of a film. The premise: a pair of twisted serial rapist murderers return to a hospital where they were tested upon to take revenge on the medical students who study there.

This independent film is a horror one minute, a comedy the next, a psychological drug-fueled head fuck the next moment and a deviant sexual nightmare the next. There are more than enough moments to make you shake your head at what you have just seen and more than enough gore to satisfy the die-hard horror fans out there, although the red stuff isn't lingered upon, more thrown in your face and then wiped away and as you're rubbing your eyes at what you have just seen, a fat man with a foot long phallus will come running at you waving everything he has in your face!

This really is a rather silly film, but thoroughly enjoyable with plenty of over-the-top sex and gore and at only 76 minutes long is the perfect length ... I'll have to leave this review here for now, I think Someone's Knocking at the Door ...

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