Saturday, 9 November 2013


Grabbers is an Irish production, starring some well known faces (Richard Coyle, Russell Tovey) and concerns the arrival of some rather angry and blood-thirst sea creatures on the coast of a small Irish island. The Grabbers shoot long spiked tentacles at their prey, harpooning them and consuming their blood. Two local Garda (that's police to any of us non-Irish folk) must do battle against the invading Grabbers via the only means available ... getting the whole town very, very drunk!

Grabbers is very much in the Shaun of the Dead vein, relying on large helpings of humour to balance out the blood and decapitated heads and the (rather well done, considering its 4mil budget) CGI monsters. Whilst this isn't quite at a SotD level in terms of the final finished film, it works very well on all levels, intertwining a good script, with believable characters and a healthy dose of belly-laughs.

The assembled cast play a huge part in making this film the success it is (or surely will be with the cult following it is likely to garner) and are clearly enjoying their parts in its production. There are many recognisable faces (like the two mentioned above) and some lesser known but destined for greater things, such as Ruth Bradley (Garda Nolan).

Grabbers is an example of the sort of brilliant productions which can be made on these shores if the right money is available for investment, allowing acting and production talent to show their true potentials. Sadly it does seem that this movie (released last year (2012)) passed some of us by (myself included, I only heard about it recently, and that was only after stumbling upon it on Netflix whilst trying to find something half decent to fill an hour and a half) but if you get the opportunity, and enjoy your horrors in the Shaun/Black Sheep/World's End mould then this reviewer highly recommends you give this black comedy a go, just make sure you have a beer or two first though, to be on the safe side!

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