Saturday, 10 March 2012

Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue begins by following nymphomaniac Emily as she drifts from one sexual encounter to the next - no emotion, no love, no repeat performances with the same guy. Along the way, she has a foursome with singer Franki and his bandmates. What happens from here is a whirlwind of trashy revenge and brutal torture. Unfortunately this is one of those films that will be totally spoiled if any detail about the plot is given away, suffice to say that the one night stand Emily has with Franki will send them all, and everyone around them, spiraling out of control.

This is one of those odd films that has a very slow, plodding beginning, with little dialogue but as the second half kicks in, you should prepare yourself for some shocks which abound through its sheer uncompromising nature. Without giving anything away, the sequence with the young girl and her family will shock and leave you feeling shaken.

A fantastic roller-coaster of shocks, revenge and terror that will leave you understanding why contraception is a good thing and one night stands should be avoided wherever possible!

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