Thursday, 22 March 2012

Midgets vs Mascots

Ok, so let me start by saying 'No', I haven't made this up, this really is a film I watched and am about to review! Midgets vs Mascots is best described as Jackass with a storyline. Follow the madcap antics of 5 mascots and 5 midgets little people as they battle it out to win $5,000,000. The team of mascots and the team of midgets little people compete through a number of staged 'documentary' moments with hilarious, embarrassing and downright gross outcomes.

Starring Gary Coleman in his last role (admittedly playing himself) this film plays out as a documentary, although the cast are all actors and the scenarios are scripted. What is not scripted, however, are the reactions of the poor people caught up in these moments. We see a milk chugging competition that results in large amounts of vomit and fecal matter (from the lactose intolerant little person), a man dressed as an alligator wrestling a real alligator and possibly the most cringe-making scene in a restaurant full of unsuspecting customers as our Mascots and Midgets discuss offensive words ... and trust me, you WILL cringe when you watch it!

Having picked this film up for £1 on a whim, I really didn't expect much from it, but actually rather enjoyed it. It's crazy, vulgar, wacky and entertaining ... it's not the sort of film that will exercise our brain but if that's the sort of film you're after ... what the hell are you doing here?!

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