Sunday, 2 November 2014


Today's long overdue return to blogging sees the review of the totally bizarre and hilarious Zombeavers. 3 sorority sisters, a slut, a nerd and a cheated on bag of nerves, travel to a cabin in the woods for some R&R and time away from their significant others. Out front of the cabin is a beautiful lake with it's very own beaver dam ... but these aren't just any old beavers, these are radioactive waste mutated zombie beavers!

Okay, so if you go into this movie expecting big-budgets, oscar-worthy scripts or anything other than a good helping of T&A on show then you're going to be disappointed. If you're after bat-shit crazy puppet zombie beavers, a decent amount of skin and some so-stupid-it's-funny lines of dialogue, then you might just have picked up the right film to fill under 80 mins of your time.

This film is a proper throw-back to the ludicrous plots of the 80's and 90's when the film didn't have to make any sense, you just had to take your willing suspension of disbelief, screw it into a neat little ball and toss it in the trash, then sit back and laugh and cringe in equal measures. The effects range from poor to decent and, occasionally, actually pretty good. The third act is ludicrous and OTT but it doesn't really matter as we'd already chucked that disbelief away long ago.

Zombeavers is a great little inventive and original movie, which suffers at times from it's cliched lines and occasional slips of acting skills, but the pretty girls, screw-ball wood-chompers and easy to manage run time make up for its downsides. Zombeavers is the sort of film that will appeal to frat boys looking for something to fill a hazy evening, low budget film aficionados and those who just like something out of the ordinary. 

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