Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Machine

War is imminent. China is threatening to strike every day and, in the UK, developments at the MoD are underway to create true, self-aware artificial intelligence. Computer programmers Vincent and Ava are close to creating the ultimate being but everyone has their ulterior motives for the creation of The Machine.

Made in Wales (so I was a little biased already, being from Wales), this slow-but-tense burner builds through a good amount of character development without ever disadvantaging the storyline. It creates real tension as a power struggle between good (Vincent) and evil (the Mod) who both have their reasons for making sure that the creation of The Machine succeeds. This is also the first feature from director Caradog James and shows the full range of his talents - certainly one to watch for future projects.

Caity Lotz (Arrow, Mad Men) is fantastic as Ava, bringing two different but equally enthralling roles to the film. The whole cast, in fact, work well with the script and bring life and interest to the variety of characters on show.

If you enjoy sci-fi which breaks from the norm and doesn't go straight in to the crazy action but burn away nicely to a pulsating climax then this is the film for you. Rent The Machine. Bask in the talent that the British Film Industry has to offer and hope that this can set a good example as a break away from the current run of British made 'Gangs and Guns' films that seem to be churned out a a rate of knots at present. The future is indeed bright.

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