Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bath Salt Zombies

Why do I do this to myself, time and again? Subjecting myself to some of the craziest shit ever committed to celluloid (okay, more likely to VHS tape!). The answer is simple my friends and readers, I do it for you! What other reason could I have possibly sat down and watched the completely bonkers Bath Salt Zombies?

I should really have known, as this film started playing and I instantly spotted the main actor from Night of the Tentacles, that this was not going to go well! The jist of the story is this (and don't worry if you forget it, one of the characters handily re-caps it all for you) - a military-grade chemical is stolen and manufactured into bath salts, with the unfortunate side-effect of turning anyone who takes it into face-ripping maniacs. The main junkie of the piece (played by our friend mentioned above) spends most of the film wildly gurning like a demented Jim Carey, whilst jutting out his Bruce Campbell-esque chin at every given opportunity. The acting, like Tentacles, is poor and however the story is a little better, albeit still as shlocky and predictable. Also, like Tentacles, this film goes from the bizarre to the ridiculous by turning the main character into a rubber-mask wearing freak (with features not too dissimilar from the Shemps from the original Evil Dead movie).

I do, however, have to give credit where credit is due, as the animation used at the start and during the end of the film is actually very well done. It adds massively to the film and actually makes you forget what you're actually watching. The soundtrack is also pretty decent, full of heavy tunes which complement certain scenes extremely well.

This so-bad-it's-okay movie probably has to be seen to be believed, so I'm not going to dissuade anyone from watching it. It's certainly a notch up the post from Tentacles so at least I seem to be heading in the right direction - things can only be looking up, right?

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