Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Bunnyman Massacre

Feeling that it has been far too long since I reviewed a rabbit related film, The Bunnyman Massacre (aka Bunnyman) seemed to perfectly fit the bill. A group of 'they look slightly older than they are meant to be' teens head into the wilds of America, only to be chased and run off the road by a guy in a full sized rabbit costume - The titular Bunnyman. They must then run for their lives as the giant rabbit chases them down.

At first glance, this film looks, on the surface, like it could be a fun watch, perhaps silly but ultimately entertaining. Sadly, the picture I painted just then does not ring true. This poorly acted, scripted and directed mess of a film, races from one nonsensical moment to the next with little explanation and little to allow the viewer to make sense of. The continuity is horrendous (I hope whoever did it was never hired again quite frankly) - a semi-naked, bleeding woman runs through the forest with her hands cuffed together. Cut to a shot of her screaming and lifting her hands to the sides of her head in shock, then placing them back together and the cuffs re-appear ... and this is one of the less noticeable ones!!

It seems at times as if the script was chucked together as they filmed. It's drive you crazy stuff. 2 of the teens go into the woods, the Bunnyman jumps out at them, the guy runs away and the woman is pushed to the ground. The guy runs back to the waiting group who ask 'Is she dead?'. He merely says yes and they all run away, leaving one of their best friends on a whim that she *might* be dead!

If I've learned anything from doing this blog, it's that rabbits and films don't mix (save Watership Down and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, of course!!) - lets hope, for your sake, and mine, that I've learned my lesson and steer clear from now on!

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