Tuesday, 26 June 2012


This bleak, depressing, violent and disturbing Australian Independent film is based upon a series of real life murders. Snowtown is raw and chilling in equal measures and took this reviewer quite by surprise. Not since the frankly downright repulsive A Serbian Film have I been left so shocked by a movie, to the point where a drink was the only cure.

An abused, downtrodden and dejected Jamie seeks an escape from every day life, and father-figure John appears to offer just what he needs. John, a vigilante with a taste for cruelty soon shows Jamie that smearing ice-cream on the windows of the local paedophile's house is the tamest of his actions and things rapidly spiral out of control, leaving Jamie's world more shattered than he could ever have imagined.

As a viewer, you do not, and cannot, enjoy Snowtown, you experience it, you are repulsed by it, but you are mesmerised by what unfolds before you. This expertly crafted film will tear at your senses and stun you into submission with its bleak portrayal of life and death. A must watch.

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