Monday, 28 May 2012

Iron Sky

Bat-shit crazy Nazis on the Moon lunacy brilliance. Starring the always fantastic Udo Kier, we follow 2 astronauts who land upon the moon and soon discover a secret Nazi base which has been mining rare substances since they arrived in 1945 and whose plans include returning to Earth to kill anyone not fitting the Aryan ideal. Enter former black model, turned astronaut (of course) James Washington who is quickly captured and Aryanised (ie turned white!). The Nazis then set off to earth to capture mobile phones which will allow them to complete their computer and send their troops to Earth.

This is, as all Nazi films of late seem to be, rather silly, but in a good way. It's an entertaining film that clearly doesn't take itself seriously, even going so far as to have a Sarah Palin-esque president of the USA in the future. For an obviously low-budget film, the effects are actually really rather good and the storyline, although not surprisingly weak in parts, is entertaining enough to allow you to continue to enjoy from start to finish.

The director, rather controversially, chose the Berlin Film Festival to show the preview screening, but this bold move seems to have paid off, the trailers went viral almost instantly. Definitely one to watch, enjoy and not take too seriously.

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