Thursday, 26 April 2012

Nazis at the Center of the Earth


This film has all the elements you could possibly need to rank it up there as one of the worst films ever made ... the director must be thrilled! Zombie Nazis in gas-masks, flying saucers, former up and coming actresses reduced to this dog turd ... and Jake Busey.

Join our gang of 'the world's best scientists' as they dig for unknown materials in the wilderness of the Antarctic, stopping just long enough to create flesh eating viruses and abseil down hundreds of feet deep gorges in the ice.

Quite what, I wondered, Dominique Swain, star of Face/Off and Lolita was doing in this, I just couldn't fathom ... then I took a look at her IMDB list of credits and all became clear. Her career has taken an obvious swift nose-dive since her early promising days and this must surely be as near to the bottom of the barrel as she will go ... lets hope so for her sake!

If I have to say something good about this film, it's that occasionally, amongst the terrible computer generated effect, there is the odd glimmer of hope with a decent gory effect or two, but that really is no reason to sit through this tripe. Walk away from the bargain bin where this will no doubt be found and go and watch something else instead! Please. I beg you!

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